Unique Rajasthan Experiences

This image above is just one of the many unique monuments you come across touring Rajasthan. Rajasthan has everything for the history lover, and even if you don’t, isn’t it just amazing?

This monument is known as the 84-pillared cenotaph. And yes, it really and 84, even if it doesn’t look like it. It is a really amazing monument where you can go and see the areas nearby from its elevated platform. Additionally, you can also climb up to the very roof of this thing! But, be climb upstairs is a bit of a struggle as it doesn’t have a proper modern staircase. However, if you try you can easily climb and see the areas surrounding it. It is surrounded by a park and fountains in the front.

You can find this 84-pillared cenotaph in the city of Bundi, Rajasthan.


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