Traveling moments

Have you ever put your head out of the window or through the sunglass to feel the wind? I’m pretty sure most of you travel lovers have. It is an elemental part of travel that most of us love to do. People who love to travel often love these parts of the journey and it’s not much. It’s not much in terms of what it costs, but it’s a lot in terms of the happiness it gives one.

In hilly regions, the areas and the wind changes at every turn. The environment, weather and the flora and fauna change with rising altitude. Additionally, so does the culture. The culture of different societies changes with the area and the altitude. The culture and the way of living changes so much especially in India, where you get to experience so much diversity in nature as well. You really get to see and feel different if you immerse yourself deep enough in the experience you’re getting. Knowing that there are people living so vastly different lives than metro or suburban cities is something that is worth pondering. They have really simple lifestyles and something they love to stick to.

This image above showcases the flags you can see in Buddhist culture and colonies. The flags represent goodwill and blessings to anyone touched by the wind. These flags flutter in the wind and have prayers and blessings on them. Isn’t it a beautiful thing to see the positivity that the culture gives out in this form? People living in North Eastern India have these flags displayed across their living environments and various points in forests as well. You can see them in cars, motorcycles, and many other places. They’re the reminder of how good will is something that the people wish on everyone. Hilly areas are enriched by such wonderful cultures as well as wonderful people and nature. Exposure to nature and wind can keep one so positive and it doesn’t even cost anything. If only we focus more on such positive elements rather than greed and value, the world would be a much better place!


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