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Well this is the first blog on my site so I’ll be describing and letting out what this is going to be all about. Travel is something that everyone loves but offers something different for everyone. Well this picture above isn’t just a placeholder. It describes a moment in my memory that pretty much incorporates an entire trip into one! How is that possible? I will get back on this in a while. Firstly I want to tell you all what this site and my blogs are going to be about. Some of them will be descriptive and informative about my trips and places I want to go about and travel. It will be like a mix of what I’ve been through and some planning which can help others as well.

I’m not going to pretend to know something where I don’t have any knowledge. Yes there’s going to be some level of make believe but not misleading in any way. Travel is more than just journey + experience + destination. In short, it isn’t a formula or something that can be defined within limits. As mentioned above, it is different to everyone. A person may find joy out of traveling and journey, the other may find in the experiences, some other person may like the food and culture and so on.

Back to the image and experience. This hazy image you see above is not that hazy in my memory. This image is so much to me than just a night long exposure or anything you name it. To me, this image signifies time with my loved ones, it brings back memories of a night of celebration. It brings back memories of a sleepless night where I had difficulties sleeping and even breathing. It signifies and brings back memories of the early sunrise in North Eastern India, the next morning climbing a steep road uphill when I couldn’t breathe last night. Yes it sounds stupid and illogical. But that’s part of what travel and experiences are about. They defy common logic and defy any planning you may have. Plans hardly come to fruition ever, but it’s the memories of this “not planned” state that stick. I’ve had tons of travel experiences where I’ve just ventured out without a plan and had the time of my life. I’ve had tons of experiences with planning that didn’t go as well and I even look back happily to my grumpy mood at that state of not going according to plan. This is an image that signifies all of that for me on a cold night in Darjeeling, West Bengal. I have a lot of moments encapsulated in images in videos and images. Not every post will be like this current one. It might be, you never know. Never say never and planning is useless am I right?

So this is the first of many on the journey I intend to take myself and you through my blog. I’ll be describing lifestyle experiences, travel experiences, travel information and much more!


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