The Simple Sights

There are things in nature where you get to really feel yourself in comparison to your surrounding. It is overwhelmingly powerful to feel such a thing. It can be something like a mountain or a giant waterfall or a simple garden as well. You can get that experience anywhere you find peace of mind. Just sitting there or being in the moment is something that is enriching for your soul.

The above image is a representation of this exact thing or feeling. It could be standing atop a tall mountain or it could be swimming in a calm beach or even exploring a cave anxiously. You really get to feel a sense of purpose and calm at the same time. Such events are something I look forward to as well and believe a trip is incomplete without it. When you’re with a group or friends or even family you don’t really get to stay in the moment as much as you may like sometimes. This brings me to the backpacking and solo traveling culture. This is exactly the kind of thing that people go for to get a sense of such things. Yeah it is sometimes more fun with friends and family. But have you ever been to some place alone just to get a sense of how it is to stay calm doing nothing other than enjoying the moment. I’m not talking about going for meditation, in fact the opposite. Your mind is fully aware and maybe overwhelmed by the surroundings and still so calm in the serenity of nature. It is hard to imagine this all by yourself unless you have managed to get this experience.

This is something I like to look forward to in all of my trips. Perhaps you should try it as well and see how much calm being at one place gives you! I will soon my posting travel centric content and even a fitness and food page on my website. Stay tuned and stay happy! Cheers and ciao!


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