Still Nature

Coming across rivers and streams is a pleasure when you’re traveling. Especially when it’s a sight like this. Well, I’ll be honest I put in some work in this image. It’s a long exposure of a river from a bit dangerous point of view than I’d like to admit.

Personally, I love sceneries and nature and especially when you get to be up close to the water. However, this was not the case with this image or the experience. I was way high up on a road on a stop by when I came in sight of this river. What more? It was a foggy day and not exactly the the comfortable ones. But despite all that, this is one of my personal favorites because of the personal moment it holds in my mind by association.

Sometimes, one has to really create a moment out of nothing. This is not artificial, but a long exposure of a stream that didn’t look this way to the naked eye. Yes, it is a zoom image as well. A lot zoomed in actually considering the vantage point I took this from. I stopped by this snacks stall on the way back from visiting the Tsomgo Lake in Gangtok, Sikkim. Coming across this was a special moment because of the way we all had a gala time at the snacks stall and ended up making hot steaming maggi as well as drinks ourselves instead of the owners. It was a wonderful memory captured in association to this wonderful little stream surrounded by nature. It wasn’t something I planned to do, but sometimes the best things and events we experience are spontaneous and in-the-moment!

The same can be said about life as well I think. Random beautiful events present themselves to us and we only get to live them once and they end up becoming memories. It’s all about the perspective in the end and something to think about!

I’ll bring more such moments and photos and memories to share with you all regularly! See you next time!


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