Rajasthani Diaries

Little Canopy in the Bundi lake

Rajasthan is one of the most widely known and iconic states India is known for. It’s as eccentric and mysterious as it gets. The state is known for its innumerable castles, kingdoms , monuments and the culture.

Personally I fell in love with the state because majority of my childhood vacations were spent in this state. I used to go to Rajasthan nearly every year without fail in the vacations with my family. It became somewhat of a tradition! Touring the entire state, especially the city of Mt.Abu located on a hill. Will bring it up in pictures and experiences in blogs later. Rajasthan is a state where you visit not just for exploration but the experience.


I am only going to tell you this state is something that will have something for you without you even knowing it. The cities, small markets overcrowded by people and castles and monuments flicker by tourists has an air to it. Every time I’ve visited them felt like the first time. The wonder and awe it brings to me keeps me wanting to go back to this day! The camels and sand dunes as well paint its picture for the desert on the Western border of Rajasthan.

You can tour the entire state and still every city will present something different to you! Surely, visiting the castles might become boring due to redundancy but it’s not the case with its cities. You get to see something new and something different everywhere. I’ve had both horrible and my favorite experiences in this state. I’ve had more time exploring Rajasthan than I’ve had my own hometown!

I must have made 5-7 trips to the state till data with some touring throughout. Another fun thing is once you set out to tour the entire state , you obviously have to travel by road a lot . By a lot I mean, 4-5 hours seems little when changing cities! My dad used to drive 11-12 hours straight from my hometown to Mt. Abu. Rajasthan not only has these monuments and culture but has the equal variety in its food and clothing items.

Well this image above is from the city of Bundi located near the southern border of the state. Bundi is widely known for the blue colored buildings you see everywhere. If Jaipur is the Pink City, Bundi is the Blue city for sure! The towering castle and buildings left me speechless. It looks so grand and so awesome to see in person that any image can do. I will try my best to show this to you nevertheless!

Till next time ! Keep reading and stay curious!


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