Rajasthan and its unique attractions!

Rajasthan is a place full of mystique, history and culture. You can get to experience so much in this large state that you cannot, history wise in other places in India. Rajasthan was the seat of kingdoms and kings and countless castles and other structures in India.

All the kings with their kingdoms settled in this state and ruled over various dynasties and periods. In today’s date, those castles and structures are still standing in almost perfect state and some are in ruins because of wars in history or climatic reasons. Nevertheless, the state of Rajasthan is hot and perfect to visit throughout the year.

Personally, I have visited the state and majority of the main cities over the years; even repeating them! It is one of my favorite places to go on a vacation and really enjoy the experience of road trips. Because of the size, it is fair to say you’ll have to visit the state by road and cover very long distances if you want to visit the cities. And yes, every city has something different for everyone. It can be their spicy food, or vibrant history, the historical monuments or just seeing how people have settled into this royal state.

Among other things, not only does this state have such monuments, but also natural areas like desert. Basically when traveling between the cities, you are bound to see the cacti , the barren lands and the hills. It is an area that is semi desert and semi settled. Yes, people have settled successfully despite all difficulties. What is even more amazing to see is hilly settlements in the state like the city of Mt. Abu located near the Gujarat border. Jaisalmer has the desert with its sand dunes, and camels and each city has something different.

As shown above, this is one of the many “Baori” present throughout the state. The image I presented above is from Raniji ki Baori, located in Bundi. The stepwells were used as water reserves in the old times. There are many present in Rajasthan and many other places in India. Delhiites know of the Agrasen ki Baoli located in Connaught place, New Delhi.

Anyway, coming back to Rajasthan be sure to visit the Baori and see the magnificent structure for yourself! More structures and castles coming soon! Till next time!


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