On Cloud Nine

Isn’t cloud nine the term for overjoyed? In my personal opinion it must be because you feel you can’t go higher when it comes to happiness. You feel like the happiest person alive! That’s such a great feeling to have!

Well the image above represents exactly what I felt when I came up on this sight. Returning from the Tsomgo lake near Gangtok, Sikkim, this sight was something to behold. Mountains covered by clouds in every direction you look!

That is North East India for you! It gets as exciting to see everything as possible. You are roaming in the clouds in the literal sense! Mountains and hills so high they really are surrounded by clouds and cold winds all the time.

It’s not even possible to see cars a couple vehicles in front of you in the road. Additionally, in every nook and corner you got to be alert and careful because of the unpredictability of the roads. There’s waterfalls, tea gardens, clouds and every possible element of nature everywhere you see. It’s an overload and overdose for a nature addict. This overdose will give you a high to remember years later and still feel it haha! That is the true sight of North East Indian roads.


Need I say anymore? It’s the perfect package of human civilization and nature. You can’t find this easily anywhere. I will be bringing you loads of nature and travel content the more I travel. Stay tuned and stay connected! Till next time!


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