Mount Abu Diaries

Mount Abu is one of my personal favorite places to visit in Rajasthan. The place has a lot of memories attached and is beautiful in its own way with its lake and palm trees throughout the hilltop.

Mount Abu is located in the southern part of Rajasthan near the Gujarat state line. Amidst the arid terrain of Rajasthan in general, Mount Abu is an oasis and looks the part in every possible way. You can see the palm trees, the hotels, the lakes and so much more. The area is advancing in its own way and is a must visit destination for anyone looking for some relief from the hot climate of Rajasthan throughout the year. Moreover, Mount Abu also receives regular rainfall and is a delight to visit in winters especially.

There is a sloping mall road descending into the path for the Nakki Lake. Now, the lake is the best part for this small hilltop based town. Back in 2005 or so, the cruise like structure wasn’t as commercialized with shops as it is today. It was a monument in its own with very few shops and looked mind blowing and beautiful with its lights reflecting at night in the lake water. It was and still is the spot to be at night to overlook the lovely lake with its shimmering lights and surrounding lively lit up market all covered with hills.

Personally speaking, I never get tired of this lively place. You can walk around the entire place from day and night, though tiring is very refreshing. There are Tibetan stalls as well as Rajasthani native items to shop for in the malls surrounding the lake. There are countless hotels and lodgings in the town as well. I’ve stayed in my fair share of hotels and in some way or the other all have some kind of scenery to look over from the rooms. There is a giant polo ground in the middle which is also surrounded by shops, and hotels and is used for holding events, fair and even matches.

I did stay at a hotel overlooking the polo grounds a couple of times. And staying next to the ground either in rainy or winter season is just an experience must having. You really get to relax and see the various activities going on. The lovely walks you can take around the ground and surrounding areas are also something to look for!

The city of Mountain Abu is something more of a guilty pleasure. It is a little town filled with more memories and happy little experiences to recount in a blog. I would go there again any time and in any season at all without a thought.

The Nakki lake is just another exotic experience to take lovely strolls in nature and shopping from the mall road. Have a look at the iconic toad rock overlooking the Nakki Lake:


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