Darjeeling travel
En route to Darjeeling

Aren’t hilly areas amazing? The constantly rushing altitude with everything turn of the road. The different kinds of trees and soil, the different cool air! All of these elements make a good hilly journey memorable. You never know what sight you get to see at every turn. And those steep slopes which set everyone’s heart racing!

Well that’s mountains and humanity has managed to settle in such areas successfully. Of course I don’t need to tell you that, but it still amazes me that there are towns and villages set up in the remotest of areas. Moreover, in Indian ranges even their culture and languages change. It is just a part of their daily routine but something fascinating for the average traveler, except of course those dizzy memories feeling like throwing up. Well enough talk, this image above and the image below are such examples. These images were taken on the way back to Darjeeling city from the tea gardens day excursion I was out on.

Darjeeling travel

It was a memorable day with so much beauty to behold and be dazzled by! Visiting the tea gardens and the high slopes of Gangtok as well. North Eastern India is as beautiful as it gets at every point and turn of the magnificent hills.

The lush tea gardens of Darjeeling and the way to Gangtok is just as beautiful.Darjeeling Travel

Tea Gardens of Darjeeling

When you stand in these tea gardens and really take in where you’re standing, it’s a whole new experience. Things like this are the beautiful gifts that North Eastern


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