Journeys and Traveling

Do you love journeys more than the destination? If yes this I’m sure you’ll like this. Often times it’s the traveling and journeying part we most remember than the destination.

The reason behind – we simply spend more time living in the moment and observing everything around. It can be trees, mountains, or any kind of environment you come across. The fact remains, journeys are the most important part of your trip.

Journeys give us a chance to reflect upon ourselves or to spend more time with traveling companions. In this process, most of us read books (not in hilly areas), music and movies and some prefer gossip or watching around. Whatever it may be, that you enjoy, journeys bring us a bit closer to nature and ourselves.

Journeys and Memories


A great thing about traveling is also the memories it brings us to recall. We become nostalgic and have mental images of certain parts of journeys no matter how forgetful a trip may be. We attach these memories with songs and moments.

And, listening to these songs in the future brings us back to that moment in the journey. Personally, I enjoy this a lot and gives a chance to look back and re live that moment again. Another great thing is to really see how wonderful those moments were!

This often happens that we never fully enjoy a moment till we look back on it. It’s called living in the past, and excess of it isn’t healthy. But that is what travel brings to the table! We slowly and steadily learn to live in the moment either by the cage of the vehicle or because of nothing else to do. Once you get over the “ETA to destination” you start living in the moment and enjoying everything. The same happens in life!

Once you start living in the moment and enjoying instead of complaining you get to a more beautiful destination with a better mood. That way you’re not tired and complaining once you achieve that goal or reach that destination.

By using this practice we really achieve happiness and learn how to be in the moment. Traveling is so healthy for our mental peace that it does bring us peace or at least a break from the constant anxiety and mental chaos.


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