Heights and Beauty

Look, this is a topic that must be in your mind at some point of time or another. Things are just more beautiful at the top. Whether it’s the top of some area in life or geographically speaking, everything looks good at the top.

You always look at the top to rise above and not the bottom as an inspiration. It is never like, “Woah I gotta be careful not to fall down while climbing to the top”. Traveling is exactly like this, to some point. While on the hills you do have to be cautious of this fact that if you’re not careful you’re gonna fall down.


The thing I’m trying to point here is to always ascend and try to reach the top but be cautious not to fall down in overconfidence. It’s the same in traveling. You can never be overconfident you’re gonna survive at the top and drive uphill carelessly and without thinking it over.

This brings me to the travel topic of the day! The Tsomgo Lake situated at The Indo-China border.

Look at it!

Isn’t it beautiful?! Now the drive here was amazing and really uphill. At one point it was steep enough to not enable low powered vehicles to climb. The road although well built is steep.

The weather while going uphill is really chilly at all times with super cold winds blowing in your face. You have to cover yourself with proper insulation. I’m describing the season with minimum snowfall! In snowfall, the lake and border stays closed for civilian touring purposes because of the extremely cold and tough conditions. The view and the claim is worth all the trouble trust me!

Look here!

There is just something about the hills that makes everything so amazing and wonderful all around! Not only is it breathtaking (sometimes literally), it is an awesome experience from our everyday lives especially for people living in towns and metros. I’ll be bringing more such sights to you soon as well as how to go about them.

Stay tuned for more! Ciao!


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