Finding clarity in life and nature is often the most beautiful things you can feel. Whether it’s being clear on what you want or how to go about things, it all feels so much better than being in a state of conflict. The same can be said analogically about finding something clear and transparent in nature.


I won’t lie to you, this water wasn’t clear at all! It’s actually the effect of a polarizing lens filter which captures the reflected light at a specific angle. You can avoid lens glare, have better clarity through window, water and the like.

It’s amazing to see how optics let us capture it all only with a little bit of knowledge and the framework in place in our imagination. It’s a pretty easy task to create and capture such an image once you have what you want in the mind.


Finding such beauty in nature is not exactly super common. Sure, you can capture and create beauty where you see while traveling. But, coming across something where you just capture the moment as it is, is a mesmerizing sight at the least.

This image above is of one such event I came across in the Tsomgo lake near Gangtok city. Traveling here requires a permit and it is totally worth the trip. The mountains, sometimes even snow make for quite a sight to capture overall.


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