About Me

Hey there! I love traveling just like you do. I set up this page to express my travel lust and possibly get you going as well. Traveling doesn’t have to be always in 5 star hotels or visiting touristy places alone. Sure, this is also called traveling. But the technical term for this is a “Getaway”. In a Getaway, you travel from Place A to Place B, where you explore Place B’s tourist attractions. Well, this page is going to delve deeper than just tourist spots.

My initial posts would of course be a showcase of my travel pics and descriptions. I am going to start with where i have been and going to write and describe how to get to point B for a deeper understanding. Because, lets face it, we all think travel is expensive, requires time and synchronizing plans with friends or family. Travel styles vary from person to person, but the desire underneath is the same.

What the page really is ABOUT?

I have started this page/ possibly a company haha to showcase how fun it is to travel alone. How fun it is to depend on oneself and not others for traveling plans! How fun is planning and improvisation on the spot when things don’t go as planned! Well do they ever? I am taking on a way of life much like or exactly like Backpacking and the lifestyle you can choose to enjoy yourself first. Lets face it, happiness comes from within first, you can find it in beaches, mountains and other friends, movies and you name it. There are a lot of means to enjoy your life by yourself. Start being happy alone and see the results it leads on to your other areas in life. More on this later in my posts.

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